• Every Small Business goes through these struggles

    Every small business goes through struggles, and this is the reality of any business. Some hit early, some during growth and others just pop up here and there. You should know that you’re not alone, whether you are an entrepreneur or run a small business, there are others out there…

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  • Viacom18 Vh1 Supersonic

    It was during the season of music festivals that we received an email from Viacom18, which consisted of a brief on their upcoming electronic dance music (EDM)festival in Goa’s premium white shore, Candolim. With previous year’s success and the enormous response received on their launch of Vh1 Supersonic, this year…

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  • Sharing passion with the passionate ones

    Yes, an idea can trigger anytime, anywhere, and to anyone, but it takes true passion to devise an exceptional idea into a startup and a startup into a billion dollar company, as its to be planned, channeled and executed in the befitting manner to make it ‘the’ idea. We indulge ourselves…

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  • The big businessmen have the muscle to hire top marketing professionals

    The big businessmen have the muscle to hire top marketing professionals, or own the media to create a big hype around a brand promise. But the Small and medium entrepreneur has no access to the top ad agencies. Has no time or money for branding or packaging a product. And…

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  • A story that’s Nothing like Anything

    A story that’s Nothing like Anything Initially they were not even in manufacturing mobile handsets, they were simply importing Chinese phones with innovative modifications suiting the Indian requirements. Micromax initially targeted the rural segment, and why not? After all it promises the maximum number of consumers and all they demand…

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