A story that’s Nothing like Anything

A story that’s Nothing like Anything

Initially they were not even in manufacturing mobile handsets, they were simply importing Chinese phones with innovative modifications suiting the Indian requirements.

aMicromax initially targeted the rural segment, and why not? After all it promises the maximum number of consumers and all they demand from a handset is regular features at an affordable price. Keeping this in mind, Micromax launched its first phone in the rural market with a very unique USP, as most of the rural households do not get enough electricity to recharge phones on a daily basis. Hence a phone with a 30 day battery standby would be a worthwhile differentiation. The first product Micromax X1i priced at Rs 2150 was lapped up by rural market.
The second most important segment is the youth segment, which the brand will appease with innovative features such as a memory card with more capacity, better music and camera quality and a trendy face value.
For the third segment or the premium class, ‘technological innovation’ will be the catchword.
Perceived as a Chinese brand, Micromax was a preferred brand in the rural areas and for the same reasons was not considered desirable in the urban areas. To penetrate the urban markets, an image correction was required and a brand strategy needed to fade the memories of Nokia from the minds of the consumers.

The branding and marketing strategies for Micromax have solely been consumer centric. As always, they want to play the innovation card. Micromax has divided its target audience into three categories as mentioned above, according to which they’ve done the branding.

The reason for such major revamping is to add an aspiration factor to the brand and create a brand recall value among its consumers. Last year’s campaign was mostly product centric but this year, the efforts are to create a brand that is aspired by all. Consumers have already experienced Micromax as a handset, now it is time for them to remember it as a brand.
With such an aspiring thought, Micromax has started shifting gears and increasing its presence internationally, a lot of it does seem to fall in place. It looks to be they are changing their positioning from a “cheap” phone-maker to a “value-for-money” company as they pulled off a stunner by roping in Hugh Jackman, the face of many Hollywood blockbusters, as its latest brand ambassador. By doing so, not only have they bought their ticket to enter the International market, they’ve even penetrated the urban market, especially the premium class of India.
The thumb rule of celebrity endorsements says that celebrity should be well known. The brand may appeal to opinion-makers as the advertisement has been successful in creating the buzz. It can’t give a long-term leeway unless Micromax smart Phones are backed with high performance superior technologies and a huge product line-up.

Also, with the “Made in India” tag not exactly a competitive advantage in the consumer electronics space,

Jackman’s association would help it gather credibility. That’s the power of branding.

. To reposition a brand, advertising is the only tool that can make that thought come to reality.
A brand logo stands more weight than a brand name, as a person might forget the name, but an appealing logo is what leaves an imprint on everyone. Micromax’s new logo is helping them in positioning themselves where they want to be placed as it gives them the opportunity to present a single, powerful and unified face to customers around the world. Punch logo is a true reflection of the Micromax brand which is young, innovative, dynamic, bold, extrovert and fun.The strategies have helped in increasing the market share of Micromax and in penetrating deeper in the urban markets. It became the third largest GSM mobile phone vendor in India after Nokia and Samsung, with a market share of 6 percent. It sold about 1 million mobiles every month. By offering product differentiation with every new phone, Micromax has become the largest Indian mobile company that almost cannibalized the market leader Nokia.
The success story of Micromax is truly, ‘Nothing like Anything.’


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