Be unique. Be distinct.

Identity crisis attacks almost everyone. Be it a man or a brand, no one can avoid the syndrome. Yet names like Amitabh Bacchan, Apple, or Coke have achieved the illusive status of Unique Identity.

A brand needs to understand its customers completely. One must understand the aspirations of its target audience, observe their thoughts and lingo. A brand can have a strong hold in the market only when it talks to its target audience earnestly.

What makes a brand unique is not a rocket science. All one needs to have is one attribute that separates it from the competitors. The distinct purpose that a brand serves in consumers’ life makes it unique. For instance,” Apple” is known across the world for its innovative products, minimalistic design and aesthetic appeal. That makes Apple unique for so many decades.


To sustain a brand for a long run, it needs to be driven by passion. Let’s talk about the septuagenarian actor Amitabh Bachchan. It is his passion for acting that has conferred him the legendary status. The passion leads to enthusiasm and genuine joy. It is completely infectious. Often consumers’ enthusiasm matches the passion of the brand. And in such a situation a brand experience an organic growth and a unique status.

When consumers come back to a brand for a repeat order, they expect to receive the same level of quality as they did for the first time. Year after year, Coke has been delivering happiness in every bottle.

Sometimes a symbol, sometimes a particular colour, design or texture…all play an indelible role in creating a unique identity. Let’s take the example of Storesay – The hyper local electronics market. The logo of Storesay looks like a bar code, which gives it a unique identity. Its positioning line – ‘Deal Mein Feel’ differentiates it from its competitors in the world of hyper local markets. The bar code was used as a visual device and as a reminder of the brand. it could be adapted to communicate almost anything.  check out the logo here

store graphic design

storesay graphic

A brand can attain its unique identity only when it evokes emotion, offers consistency and delivers a unique proposition to its consumers.

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