• Decency Vs Indecency

    More than four decades ago, the Debonair Magazine came into being on Indian news stand as a desi version of Playboy. The magazine was well known for its topless female centerfold. It had a great subscription figure but there was something sleazy associated with the magazine. The copies of Debonair…

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  • Out of the box ideas seldom go out

    Out of the box idea is a buzz word for every brand and every marketer. But when it comes to release an out of box idea, the brand custodians become conservatives. They prefer to take a safe and time tested communication route because they have failed to comprehend the changing…

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  • It’s not Nirma washing powder. It’s washing powder Nirma.

    “Dudh si safedi nirma se aye rangin kapada bhi khil khil jaye” who doesn’t remember this jingle? One of the ads that is and will always be remembered, simply because its impact has been deep enough to leave a fossil trace on each and every one of us. Nirma today…

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