It’s not Nirma washing powder. It’s washing powder Nirma.

nirma-dancing-girl“Dudh si safedi nirma se aye rangin kapada bhi khil khil jaye” who doesn’t remember this jingle? One of the ads that is and will always be remembered, simply because its impact has been deep enough to leave a fossil trace on each and every one of us.

Nirma today is a 17 billion Rupees worth brand offering consumers a broad range of products at multiple price points in the Detergents, Soaps & Personal Care market, the same brand that was started by a single man in the backyard of his house. Nirma’s routes are based on long-term and strong relationship with its customers, as well as goodwill of the brand that has played a major role in placing Nirma where it stands today.

Before we talk about the key reason behind its success, let’s just make quick detour for a better understanding about what really happened.


nirma is named after nirupama, daughter of its founder

It was in 1980 that Karsanbhai Khodidas Patel founded Nirma in Ahemdabad, Gujrat. He gave a money back guarantee to sell his hand made detergent powder for Rs. 3 per Kg door to door when the cheapest detergent at that time Rs.13 per kg. This is how he successfully targeted the middle and lower middle income segment. This was his trump to enter this market.Nirma revolutionized the detergent market, creating an entirely new segment in the economy for detergent powder at a time when high priced detergents were present in the market. It believed in the power of positive word of mouth from satisfied users of our products. With a vision of a better quality product and services that maximize value to the customer was executed to Provide “Better Products, Better Value, Better living.” Its price-based strategies have already spawned case studies in business schools across the world.

“Sabki Pasand Nirma” became a huge success and all this was a result of Karsanbhai Patel’s entrepreneurial skills.

Their signature jingle has been used for the last 35 years. Same radio spot has been used consistently for the last 28 years. Their competitors Wheel, Ghadi, Surf Excel, Rin, Tide & Ariel who were mostly all successful then, were now facing competition from this rising underdog.

Its Branding Objective has been to sustain the mood uplifting emotions that Brand Nirma always stood for since it was launched. To contemporize and refresh the core of the brand without eroding its basic essence of simplicity, sincerity and joyful upliftment. Nirma’s target audience has been women who are seeking for a detergent with the best and fast stain removal technology yet affordable.




Karsanbhai Patel realized the power of advertising and promotions which made him take a drastic step which was risky but revolutionary.

The day after when the revolutionary meeting was held, the entire Nirma team went out in the market and collected either cash or material. Their competition was dazed and market was now without Nirma.
For full one month the media was carpet bombed with the campaign “WASHING POWDER NIRMA, WASHING POWDER NIRMA, DOODH SI SAFEDI…”
What this did was kick start the consumer demand. People started asking for Nirma but it was nowhere to be found. When the demand became high decibel then the Retailers started to look for Nirma. This is what Karsanbhai was waiting for, the day when Nirma would strike back in the market. Now Nirma was dictating terms. Overnight the brand was changed and within no time it gave a fantastic fightback to the leading global brands. Give your consumer where he wants and at the price he wants, selling will be done quite automatically. This is what the marketing mantra of Nirma is.Nirma attracted customer attention through Print ads, Radio Jingles and by running contests collaborating with Radio channels, Tv Ads through ad films promoting the sales of its products and leaving an impact in the heart of its audiences.
They repositioned “Jhaag jo bhagaaye daag” with the aim to build & communicate a new message and reposition Nirma as the powerful reverser of all kinds of stains. Consumers can easily bid adieu to the fear of stains with the help of Nirma detergent powder.

Nirma’s winning strategy being contemporizing with time, they are running campaigns on the Digital Media covering Facebook, #StainsGoBack movement on Twitter, Instagram #Tagging , even Game App- Washing Scramble. High brand quality became their wild card entry into other categories.

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