Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus.

When it comes to a dating site, internet savvy Indian women prefer to stay away from dating sites. Even though they have readily accepted the matrimonial, photographic and message sites. What is it that keeps the fair sex to stay away from the dating sites?

IndiaTv82cfe4_male-egos-women-fightThe anonymity of dating sites has opened the flood gates of liars, thieves, cheats and sex industry that are looking for a way to make quick money. So to find a single man is very difficult and it’s not as easy as claimed by the dating sites.

Whether it is online or offline, women have to use their instinct or gut feel to choose their partner from dating sites. Women need to be extremely conscious to select the man of their choice. Some women even use English grammar as criteria to choose a girl. The concept of “Dating” is still not an accepted social norm in our society. Therefore, girls who are planning to register on a dating site considered to be a promiscuous one.

The Rejection blue is one of the significant factors stopping women to explore the dating sites. When a woman rejects a man, it becomes very hard for men to accept the rejection. Either they try to push themselves or stock the girl on social media sites.


Dating sites are perfect for people living far from their friends. A fun place to meet, chat and date in a new city with a new partner. But these advantages of dating sites are working better for men than women.

This is what we used to think about a dating site till we got a brief to promote Liv2Luv, an dating site by Indiatimes launched in 2004. It was a dating site for men and women of all ages. So, after all the analysis and brain storming sessions, we came up with an insight that women love to have fun on a dating site. But, they don’t feel safe, secured and assured while chatting or meeting men on a dating site. So they prefer to stay away from it. ( more than a decade has passed and still this problem exists with todays dating apps and sites)
Since Liv2Luv provides a safe and secured environment for all women, it’ was a genuine site for them to date, chat and mingle. It’s a site that filters and cross checks the credentials of the entire wannabe members before connecting them with the existing members.

Our BIG IDEA: You have been missing the fun of platonic relationships since you have grown up.

Here is the campaign that changed the way women used to date with men.

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