Out of the box ideas seldom go out

Out of the box idea is a buzz word for every brand and every marketer. But when it comes to release an out of box idea, the brand custodians become conservatives. They prefer to take a safe and time tested communication route because they have failed to comprehend the changing dynamics of consumers’ tastes and preferences. Often their myopic attitudes push a great piece of work in to oblivion. Hundreds of path breaking ideas get rejected and trashed. It’s a colossal loss to the advertising industry. A few ideas that never saw the light of day are as follows:-

Brand : Sumo cement


The logo was designed to convey the entire campaign idea. The core USP of the product, strength was depicted in a simplistic yet memorable way.


Client: Republic of noodle

The logo of an inverted flag depicts the essence of the product that noodles do not have any distinct taste but its taste maker offers a distinct taste. That means noodles are literally beyond borders of nationality. The philosophy of the brand has been depicted in a simplistic way.

Republic of Noodle Posters 01 Republic of Noodle Posters 02 Republic of Noodle Posters 03


Client: Eyeboll

The image of an Eye ball is a creative leap in the communication. The idea of Eyeball has been inspired from the brand name Eyeboll. It’s an interesting yet simplistic device for the communication.

ad camp3 ad camp4 ad camp5 ad camp6


Client: Brilliant Tutorials

Brilliant Tutorials Medical entrance exam creative is one of the best concepts that talks about the core purpose of the ad – the Medical entrance test. What else can depict medical examination better than an eye testing chart?

01 brilliant

Client: Ministry of external Affairs (IQ)

This simplified ad campaign is a spoof on all the famous ads promoting Indian tourism in the UK and the US. The core idea is to change the perception of the world about India.


01 absolut

There are many such ads, which have been destroyed without any logic. Other relevant advertising campaigns include India Post, Debonair Magazine, Liv2luv, Times Job.com, and more.

Today, consumers are aware and intelligent about advertising and marketing communications. Therefore, let’s not underestimate the intelligence of the valued consumers. After all, brands have built their empire because of their consumers.

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