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Yes, an idea can trigger anytime, anywhere, and to anyone, but it takes true passion to devise an exceptional idea into a startup and a startup into a billion dollar company, as its to be planned, channeled and executed in the befitting manner to make it ‘the’ idea.
We indulge ourselves in hearing out startups and their ideas, be it good or bad, in order to evaluate the idea and add such value that even the most abstract idea can be twirled into a commercially viable business opportunity.


Meeting with and being around entrepreneurs in the startup phase of their lives gives excitement similar of a rock band. The desire to make a dent in the universe kicks in such an adrenaline! We strongly believe it’s the determination that plays its role here that encourages one to leave behind what’s in hand to make its vision come to reality. But what persists ones passion is the decision to channel towards its execution.

People in startups thrive through networking and spreading their influence through whatever channels they have. The startup ecosystem is incredibly cordial; it attracts young, ambitious, entrepreneurial people who want to work together, creating a community that shares vision and works alongside as one team, which makes getting knee-deep in it beneficial.

So in our geeky over analysis nature, we started to wonder why startups fascinate us so much.

Aren’t massive corporations like TATA, Coke, Reliance, Airtel, Microsoft, just as interesting? Aren’t there plenty of cool ideas happening within and around these companies?  They certainly have figured out the sustainable wealth building part of corporate growth, so why is it I’m not attracted to them?

executing idea

After a lot of thought given on the same, it finally comes down to one thing, change.
We can’t stand routine that lasts longer than a few weeks. We regularly change around our morning schedule just because it’s new and different. It’s our addiction with startup ecosystem and our fascination with the booming scene in India.

We believe we’re in the midst of a wave of innovation, where incredibly exciting companies are springing up all over the world. While cities like Bangalore, Pune, Calcutta and Gurgaon are leading the way, that doesn’t mean you can discount a whole plethora of other places, including where you live.
Not only are they geographically everywhere, but startups are becoming more and more central to our everyday lives. Zomato, PayTM, Ola Cabs, etc which more of us use than care to admit, were startups.
So was Facebook. Google recently bought Israel startup Waze, which is famous for its crowd sourced satellite navigation, so soon you’ll be using startup technology to get to your destination (if you aren’t already). Startups are responsible for the app you use to find a restaurant, the software you use to manage your company’s social media and startup tech is all over the bazillion devices you have in your pocket, car and home.
Startups are everywhere now, and so are the startup communities.

Along with the many hurdles that startups face to establish, the biggest and the quotidian hurdle is that of funding.

Getting funding for your startup is not similar to playing a game of monopoly. Hence the tight budgets and smart money policies are to be adopted and practiced, or else how is it a startup, right? For any startup to ignite and sustain, one needs the enthusiasm to take it in the direction where the vision sights.We share a similar vision, spark and the determination that all startups do, and in order to not let go of these elements that keeps one on its toes to deliver the best around the clock, we have decided to associate with startups!


Getting branding done is what startups lack in, as advertising is not an easy card to play.
We very well understand the rejections and lack of opportunity faced at the initial stage, and we being able to provide with the best of what we do to make a significant difference in your journey towards reaching the heights, is what the talking is all about. Hang in there, magic mushroom believes in you!


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